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 Lindsey- most WC wins for a woman!
Ski Videos
Ski Instructor test 2016
Using the 2 images above for reference, evaluate any of the four skiers here- Skiing videos 

Or evaluate any of the skiers below. Use the row and column to indicate which skier you are evaluating. Then describe what you would do to improve the skier.

Email the evaluation to  it will count as one clinic credit
Early weight transfer can help people achieve parallel turns. Focus on the new outside ski right at the start of the turn and the skis will often match when making smooth linked turns on gentle terrain.

Here is a picture from USSA showing this early transfer.

Here is Ted Ligety showing early weight transfer 

Ligety Video

Shiffrin Video

Video clinic reviews for skiers 

                          Skiing Moves

                          Natural Moves

                          Exercises for skiing moves

                          Developing skiing moves in beginners
                                                          How to teach

                                   Provide clear goals and precise feedback

                                            Demonstrate and explain
                   Then give feedback during or immediately after the performance  

                             Do Exercises

1) Progressions- static, traverse, fan
2) Explore- opposite and extreme moves
3) Variety-change size, shape, speed, steepness

 Exercises for skiing 

                          Go with the flow

Turning creates pressure that pushes people back and inside the turn. 

In skiing the upper body can keep moving forward and outside the turn by progressively flexing the ankles and tipping(angulation)

                         Skidding- Carving

There are two ways to turn you turn the skis or the skis turn you(carving) or a combination

                         Expectations for skier

Ski moves are not natural and take a lot of time to develop and maintain. This is especially true for progressively flexing the ankles. Working on stance, turning the feet, and angulation will get good results     

                      Development for skiers

Use speed and slight turns to develop flow with new skiers.
Add earlier weight transfers to start matching
Increase up and down to develop timing and rhythm
Work on pole touches for coordination     
Notice the ankle flex and tipping which creates the level shoulders. The inside lead allows for flexing and tipping.